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Reduce Data Input, Reduce Errors, Retain Control with CoreHR Payroll Software

Accurate & Reliable Payroll Software

A market-leading system that offers a proven UK & Irish payroll engine which seamlessly and securely integrates with the full CoreHR suite. Delivering safe, fast, and accurate payroll every time.

Reduce Admin, Retain Control

Reduce payroll data input while retaining control over auditing for accuracy with one integrated system. Effortlessly validate reports and control inbound and outbound payment requests.

Quick, Easy Payroll Reports

Easily manage and analyse all pay groups across your organisation in single dashboard view. Use the Payroll Manager View to see real-time updates on payroll readiness and receive automated system prompts about unresolved errors and potential issues.

Reduce Errors & Retain Control

CoreHR software manages all basic considerations, including legislative and internal compliance so your Payroll function can focus on increasing efficiencies, driving strategy and reviewing payroll costs.

A CoreHR customer projected a time saving of 657 hours at the end of a 12-month period by using payroll software to produce online payslips with direct employee access to view on mobile

Industry: Retail    |     Stores: 320+

Key Payroll Software benefits

  • Guaranteed legislative compliance
  • Engage employees and increase transparency with mobile access to payslips
  • Online expense system to drive efficiency and control costs
  • Reduce queries to HR and Payroll
  • Timely and controlled process to Go-Live covering set up, employee migration and parallel payments
  • Hands-on support from CoreHR team experienced in handling Payroll queries and exceptions

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