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Our solution covers all aspects of the payroll cycle without the use of separate software or 3rd party solutions

Transform your Payroll process

CoreHR’s Payroll solution is a powerful and easy-to-use tool which transforms payroll from an unreliable, manual process likely to fail regulatory compliance, to an integrated and secure streamlined system designed that improves data accuracy and reduces the admin burden on your Payroll and HR teams.


One unified system undertakes all aspects of the payroll cycle; from HR & Manager input, through to rostering, absence and timesheet entry. Information automatically arrives into payroll validated and approved by the appropriate user to ensure accuracy.

The University of Oxford payroll and pensions process was reduced from a 2-3 day wait to instant approval

Key Benefits

  • Our single, unified system removes opportunities for overpayments
  • Accurately manage sick-pay
  • Guaranteed legislative compliance
  • Save administration time processing manual documents
  • Automated staff expense claims improve accuracy
  • Digitalised payslips and benefits information reduce payroll queries
  • Single dashboard view to analyse payroll costs and governance issues

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