People Management

A Powerful Platform to Achieve Faster Business Results

One secure, unified solution that spans the entire employee lifecycle

Transform your people strategy with simplified processes, devolved HR tasks, and hyperconnected onboarding.

End-to-End Visibility and Control

Manage and streamline all HR data, from employee records and transactional workflows to complex processes and related costs, in one secure centralised system of record that facilitates compliance and informs strategic analytics and reporting.

Real-time View of your Workforce

Understand the people resources within your business, define the most effective and efficient structure for an agile organisation and make it simple to search for and see people, teams, departments and complete hierarchies.

Reduce HR Admin, Devolve Tasks, Empower People

Simplify, streamline and devolve HR tasks to enable focus on strategic priorities. Engage people by enabling them to securely access, review and update their records and complete role-related tasks without HR input, all via an intuitive self-service user interface.

Hyper-Connected Onboarding

Increase new hire time-to-productivity and retention by giving early access to key information within the employee portal and connecting them to their teams so they can establish the relationships they will need to settle in and achieve success.

One Secure Version of the Truth

Eliminate duplication, maintain secure, accurate and sophisticated employee records.

Leverage the opportunity for HR to be recognised for its strong IT infrastructure and its role as a source of commercially strategic, real-time and data-rich insights that provide clarity, impact and proof of Return on Investment at a senior stakeholder level.

Our proven, best-in-class onboarding tool yields up to 83% increase in productivity for clients

Key Benefits

  • A secure, unified platform that provides one version of the truth
  • Engage employees by empowering ownership over data
  • Devolve HR tasks and drastically reduce the number of HR admin queries
  • Tailor workflows and automate processes for unique business requirements
  • Visible processes enable HR teams to deliver insights on all aspects of their workforces
  • Increase productivity and cost-savings due to efficient onboarding and improved first-year retention

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