Attract the Best, Hire Fast, Save Costs

Make Smarter Recruiting Decisions and Drive Efficient Process

Better Spend HR Time

Simplify processes and accelerate time-to-hire. Automate and see the time currently taken to process, track and manage tedious recruiting tasks reduce by half.

Enable HR to achieve strategic advantage, drive revenue and see real business results by using the powerful reporting capability to make unbiased, data-driven hiring decisions.

Streamline Flow of Data Through One Secure Unified Platform

Consolidate all recruitment processes into one secure platform. Successful applicant data flows seamlessly into a live employee record, ready for Onboarding, eliminating the need for additional HR admin time and data re-entry.

A Best-in-Class, Transparent Recruiting Process

Achieve a cohesive, transparent and fast recruiting process. Eliminate selection bias with anonymised shortlisting within the Applicant Tracking System. The system supports results recording, real-time feedback and is auditable. Drive good hiring decisions and see the impact in improved team performance and retention.

Automate and Scales

Save the time frequently lost internally before recruitment even begins by giving ownership to managers on staff requisitions, speeding up headcount backfill approval and automating job vacancy creation.

Accelerate job vacancy posting by integrating data on the required competencies for each role, minimising data inputs and leveraging insights from the Talent module to amend requirements for the role.

Integrated Recruiting Tools

Our integrated social recruiting tools assist managers with the hiring process, facilitating video interviews, online questionnaires, assessment frameworks, interview scheduling and applicant merge packs. Cast the net wider with agency recruiting, social and job board integration.

Demonstrate ROI of Recruitment Activities

Report to senior stakeholders on the success of the recruitment process and drive future recruitment decisions by tracking the source of high performers and understanding the ROI of recruitment budgets.

A leading high street retailer projects a 75% time-saving in filling vacancies over this current 12-month period

Industry: Retail    |     Employees: 1,600

Key Benefits

  • Systemise a transparent, efficient and functional recruitment process
  • Assess candidates fairly and consistently within a transparent, secure and auditable process
  • Eliminate selection bias with anonymised shortlisting
  • Instantly view and control recruitment costs
  • Free HR to actively drive the complete recruitment lifecycle strategy

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