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With the CoreHR Recruitment solution, HR teams can simplify processes and accelerate time to hire. Using the automated system, all tedious recruiting tasks can be processed, tracked and managed in less than half the time.

With the powerful reporting capability, HR can make better data driven hiring decisions thus achieving the strategic advantage that drives revenue and better business results.

Single Unified Platform

Recruitment from CoreHR streamlines all recruitment processes into one platform and removes the need to log into multiple systems. Once selected, data from the successful applicant is seamlessly populated into a live employee record, all in one place.

Single Unified Platform

Integrated social recruiting tools assists managers with the hiring process; facilitating video interviews, online questionnaires and interview scheduling.

A leading high street retailer projected a 75% time saving to fill vacancies over a 12 month period and a £106,000 saving in recruitment costs over a 3 year period

Key Benefits

  • Reduce cost to hire and time to hire by up to 33%
  • Candidates are assessed fairly and consistently
  • Instantly review and control recruitment costs
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn and Broadbean
  • Improve recruiting efficiencies by up to 63%

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