Service Delivery

Engage, Centralise and Optimise HR Services

Empower employees & automate HR processes to increase employee engagement

We understand that the true power of your business is your people.

How you leverage your most powerful resource has a direct impact on the Return On Investment that you see on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Service Delivery Features

24/7 HR Self-Service

Optimise employee experience with consistent, personalised self-service and automation capability

Integrated Knowledge Base

Keep costs low through an integrated knowledge base empowering employees and managers to find answers without HR intervention 

Collaborative Case Management

Efficiently manage disciplinary and grievance processes and proactively achieve SLA targets

Key Benefits

  • Give employees a consumer-grade self-service experience and reduce the demand on HR by 50–80%
  • Automate manual HR processes to give HR more time to get strategic work done
  • Standardise and centralise HR processes for greater consistency, governance and control
  • Reduce the cost of HR operations

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CoreHR was acquired by The Access Group in March 2020. As part of this acquisition we will be integrating the product, teams and customers into The Access Group family and migrating our website over to in January 2021.

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