A report into the wants and needs of the UK's most talented employees

What CoreHR did and why

Too many organisations make assumptions about their employees based on outdated cultural norms and established practices. Instead, businesses should seek-out the smart talent who stand out as a result of their drive,

expectations and attitudes. Smart talent are a business’ most powerful advocates. They enable growth by attracting similar employees, inspiring others and setting-up a culture of success.


CoreHR worked with a leading research agency, to interview 1,000 UK ‘smart talent’ employees to understand their characteristics, what expectations they have of their employer and whether their experiences measure-up.

Before being able to participate in the research, respondents were pre-screened for smart talent attributes. This included self-identifying with behaviours and beliefs that reflect ambition, advocacy of their organisation and their colleagues as well as a desire to drive change within their business.

For example:

  • Viewing themselves as agents of change within their organisation
  • Believing people should be able to bring their ‘whole self’ to work
  • That the best ideas more often come from within an organisation’s people
  • Regular posting on social media about their organisation
  • Workplace technology should be as good as, if not better, than at home
  • Expecting as much in return from their organisation as they also provide

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People are the most important part of any organisation. Especially your top performers – your ‘Smart Talent’

They know Exactly what they want.

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Key Stats and Figures

People are the most important part of any organisation. Especially your top performers – your ‘Smart Talent’ They know Exactly what they want.

Smart talent employees

96% 96%

of smart talent employees say their organisation could benefit from more of their personal skills and strengths

Problem solving and creativity

71% 71%

of top personal strengths and skills smart talent employees believe could make their colleagues and company more successful are in

Smart talent employees

37% 37%

of smart talent employees say an initiative suggested by them at work has been implemented in the past six months

Smart talent employees

72% 72%

of smart talent employees believe digital technologies should play a central role in enabling them to work to the best of their abilities.

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