Build a High Performing Workforce for the Future

Develop a strong pipeline of future leaders to further drive growth and profitability

Talent from CoreHR enables an organisation to consciously develop its people power through a robust talent framework and transparent process that is comprehensively aligned to support strategic direction.

Align People Competencies to Drive Business Success

Map the competencies required for business success, from individual roles to cultural fit. HR can achieve an active process around people growth that is in line with competency-driven development plans, and sees managers and employees work together to achieve competency objectives.

Future Proof with Robust Succession & Talent Plans

Assess employee and manager performance and potential on a dynamic 9-box matrix. Identify skill gaps and systematically build the talent pipeline that you need to keep your business winning for years to come.

One View

Enable continuous performance assessment and feedback throughout the year, with talent records collating all available data to give one view of the employee, including social kudos, leave allocations and previous performance feedback.

Give Ownership and See Employee Participation Soar

Empower employees and managers alike to understand opportunities for development and hold each other accountable as the entire business engages with a set process.

When each employee knows the role they play in achieving business objectives, they become part of a motivated and engaged workforce that sees their organisation execute strategy faster and achieve greater success.

Understand the True Power of your People

Move away from incoherent and disjointed processes. Leverage a structured system that scales companywide across all sites and job roles to give visibility to each employee within your organisation.

Dashboard views and intuitive reports tell how your workforce is performing and its impact on current and future business outcomes. Let real-time talent data inform strategic decisions.

We can now report on Talent data really easily. We understand from a company right down to an individual level how our teams, managers and our individuals are performing

Industry: Transport    |     Employees: 6,000

Key Benefits

  • Develop a strong pipeline of future leaders
  • Empower employees to proactively develop their own careers
  • Streamline mentoring with a fast, simple and efficient automated solution
  • See heightened participation, increased productivity and improved attrition rates
  • Intuitive tools for strategic intelligence, e.g. see a complete view of successors via dynamic succession organisational charts
  • Enable HR and management to proactively develop talent strategies for the future

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