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Develop a strong pipeline of future leaders that will make a greater impact on profitability

Unleash Your People Power

The CoreHR Talent solution enables an organisation to consciously develop its people power through a robust talent framework with transparent processes around new hire selection, promotions and performance management, all aligned with corporate goals and objectives.

Managers and employees work together to develop individual objectives which can be continuously accessed and reviewed throughout the year. Managers can give timely feedback, strengthening accountability so employees achieve higher levels of job performance.

HR and business managers can review the breadth and depth of skills, expertise and potential across the organisation, tracking performance and skill levels of all employees on a single dashboard to aid succession planning and training.

Achieve 74% increase in employee performance using innovative solutions to upskill, align, and engage your teams

Key Benefits

  • A single dashboard view aids succession planning and training
  • Engaged employees results in reduced attrition rates
  • Removal of paper-based systems yield time and cost savings
  • Employee objectives are more closely aligned with business goals
  • Transparent processes reduce opportunity for unfair practice

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