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3 steps to HR agility and resilience for 2021


The constant interest in agile HR mirrors a global trend towards adoption of agile practices in many areas of the organisation: from project management, to operations management and beyond.

In fact, learning how to work in an agile fashion across HR can help organisations achieve that level of resilience that is now so important in an everchanging world. Agile puts people at the centre of everything that happens and in our latest on-demand webinar, we’ve partnered with HR Grapevine to explore how you can:


  • Align people across your organisation
  • Boost productivity
  • Drive engagement

Dave Scully

Director of Product and Innovation, CoreHR

Dave works with teams to identify, design, build and release innovative software solutions to everyday problems, making the enterprise system a personal experience. He enjoys projects that require critical thinking about design, engineering, UX and business strategy concurrently with a focus on commercial and business success as well as building and developing teams and helping individuals reach their potential.


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