Lockdown & Learn | Webinar Series


Stabilise, Adapt and Innovate
Do you know how to support employees and also manage them to the best of their abilities? Do you need to onboard, cross or offboard employees quickly? What quick and effective steps could you be taking now that will shape the new normal for your organisation when lockdowns are lifted? Join our Director in Product and Innovation, Dave Scully, as he explores:


  • 3 crucial phases to get your business through COVID-19
  • Prioritising your employees’ wellbeing while maintaining productivity
  • The role of technology in managing your talent and skills profiles, and planning for the new normal post COVID-19

Dave Scully

Director of Product and Innovation, CoreHR

Dave works with teams to identify, design, build and release innovative software solutions to everyday problems, making the enterprise system a personal experience. He enjoys projects that require critical thinking about design, engineering, UX and business strategy concurrently with a focus on commercial and business success as well as building and developing teams and helping individuals reach their potential.

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