Workforce Management

Save 95% of Workforce Time Spent on Rostering

Automate, Simplify and Optimise your Workforce

Effortlessly Track Time & Attendance

Make it simple for employees and managers to submit, track, and manage attendance, sickness, absence and leave entitlements without HR involvement.

Intelligence-led Rostering

Real-time data driven intelligence delivers accurate labour forecasts and allows dynamic staffing requirements. Ensure optimal people and skills coverage by having real-time visibility over all aspects of workforce scheduling in line with demand & labour supply.

Seamless Integration with Payroll

Significantly reduce the time it takes to process employee hours worked, in compliance with internal payment policies.

Empower and Engage your People

Give ownership to your employees in a controlled environment, where they can access their schedules, define their availability, manage leave, connect with coworkers and request shift swaps.

16,039 shift swaps were completed in the last 12 months without HR involvement, many on mobile

Industry: Leisure    |     Employees: 1,462

Key Benefits

  • Optimised and collaborative scheduling
  • Get real-time visibility into your workforce activities
  • Free managers and HR to create real business impact
  • Measure results and influence strategy with instant access to reports and key metrics
  • Empower people, increase adoption and improve agility¬†with 24/7 mobile access
  • Achieve compliance with legislation on Working Hours

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