Workforce Management

Save 95% of Workforce Time Spent on Rostering

Automate, Simplify and Optimise your Workforce to increase profitability and deliver tangible business results

Time & Attendance

Reduce HR admin with a powerful and user-friendly solution, that enables teams to easily collect, track and manage time and attendance.

Real-time Data

Using real-time data driven intelligence, automatically generate optimised rosters which supports departments with the right level of skills needed. Team members can access shift information from their mobile phones, request shift swaps and annual leave from any device which is instantly received by their line manager..

Ted Baker managed 8,000 shift swaps and saved £30,000 in absence in under 6 month.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces admin time by up to 95%
  • Automatically cover peak and quiet periods
  • Seamlessly integrates with Payroll
  • Managers have instant access to reports
  • Ensures compliance to local working time legislation

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